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  • Nycomed Amersham Arlington Heights Facility Decontamination and Ventilation System Demolition

  • Chase Environmental Group, Inc. (Chase) was contracted by Nycomed Amersham, to assist with the decommissioning process of a facility in Arlington Heights, IL. The building once housed a radiopharmaceutical and radioactive device manufacturing facility and was slated for License Termination and subsequent re-sale. In the course of decommissioning activities, Nycomed encountered excessive levels of Am-241 contamination mainly in the overhead areas and ventilation systems in a section of the plant that once produced radioactive foils. Initially, Chase was contracted to attempt several non-aggressive decontamination approaches for the areas with elevated levels. Once it was determined that a foaming agent would be the most cost effective method for surface decontamination, the scope of the project was expanded and Chase was awarded the decontamination, and confirmatory surveying work in accordance with a modification to the facility Decommissioning Plan.

    While on site, Chase personnel removed a major portion of the facility’s radioactively contaminated ventilation system. The work involved sectioning ductwork, controlling contamination, and working around other systems. Chase’s personnel performed radiological characterization on materials removed from the building and shipped two Sea-Vans of compactible and noncompactible trash for processing and subsequent disposal. Chase conducted site surveys utilizing hand-held alpha scintillation detectors to determine total surface activity levels. Loose contamination levels were determined by dry smear and subsequent sample counting on an alpha/beta sample counter.

    Once the decontamination, surveys, and waste removal actions were completed, the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety conducted confirmatory survey verification and certified the area free of excessive radioactive contamination.

    Arlington Heights, IL

    Regulatory Basis:
    NRC, Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety

    Radiological: Am-241

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