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  • Corporate Office
    Louisville, KY

    Chase Environmental Group, Inc.
    11450 Watterson Court
    Louisville, KY 40299-2389

    Telephone: 502-267-1455
    Fax: 502-267-7299

    Contact the staff:

    Richard Sauer, Principal (Past President)- email

    Karen Crawford, P.E. – Principal, Secretary/Treasurer - email

    Brett Mills, Vice President / Principal - email

    Chris Ward, Principal - email

    Steve Sturdevant, P.E., Principal - email

    Eric Robinson, Health & Safety Officer - email

    Mary Anne Lewis, Office Manager - email

    Laura Price, CPA, Chief Financial Officer - email

    Josie Adams, Administrative Assistant- email

    John Barton, Sr. Project Manager - email

    Zack Bayne, Project Manager - email

  • Branch Office
    Oak Ridge, TN

    (formerly the Knoxville, TN office)

    Chase Environmental Group, Inc.
    109 Flint Rd.
    Oak Ridge TN 37830

    Telephone: 865-481-8801
    Fax: 865-481-8818

    Contact the staff:

    John O'Neil, Director of Radiological Services and Executive Vice-President - email

    Christopher E. Echterling, Corporate Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) - email

    Brokerage Team:

    Janet Baker, Manager of Brokerage Services - email

    James Cabage, Broker - email

    Shauna King, Customer Service Rep - email

    Jim Cabage, Jr., Broker - email

    Kyle Driver/Technician

    Field Services:

    Dave Culp, Manager of Field Services - email

    Tony McGill, Technical Resources Manager - email

    Mike Culp, Project Manager - email

    Brendan Mize, Project Manager - email

    Katie Sledge, Operations Support Specialist - email

    Industrial Services:

    Daniel G. Hoover, Manager of Industrial Services - email

    Jeff Chapman, Radiation Safety Specialist - email

    Craig Eisenberg, Radiation Safety Specialist - email

    Becky Mumper, Radiation Safety Specialist - email

    Tyler Hills, Technical Support Specialist - email

  • Branch Office
    Paducah, KY

    Chase Environmental Group, Inc.
    9470 Highway 60 West
    Kevil, KY 42053

    Telephone 270-488-2584
    Fax: 270-488-2586

    Contact the staff:

    Mark Rust, President - email

    Mark Gartner, Sr. Project Manager - email

    Todd Mills, Drilling Services Manager - email

  • Branch Office
    Centralia, IL

    Chase Environmental Group, Inc.
    418 S. Poplar
    P.O. Drawer AB
    Centralia, IL 62801

    Telephone: 618-533-6740
    Fax: 618-533-6741

    Contact the staff:

    Russ Goodiel, Sr. Project Manager - email

    Marvin Johnson, Sr. Project Manager - email

    Kelly Tensmeyer, Sr. Project Geologist / Manager - email

    Duane Vernot, P.G. Sr. Project Manager

    Gina Goodiel – Administrative Assistant

  • Branch Office
    Springfield, IL

    Chase Environmental Group, Inc.
    2701 E. Ash Street
    Springfield, IL  62703

    Telephone: 217-670-1916
    Fax: 217-670-1682

    Contact the staff:

    Alan Curtiss, P.G. Sr. Project Geologist / Manager - email

    Doug Cox, Manager of Field Services - email

  • Branch Office
    Berlin, CT

    Chase Environmental Group, Inc.
    500 Four Rod Rd.
    Suite 106
    Berlin, CT 06037

    Telephone: 860-505-8109
    Cell: 860-306-0195

    Contact the staff:

    Seb Cannata, Northeast Regional Manager - email

    Joe Grenier, Technician

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